The Freelance Podcast

The Freelance Podcast

Another podcast for freelancers? Yea, I know, but let me explain. Podcasts are an awesome way to learn from people that are where you want to be professionally and have the experience you can learn from. One thing I found is that some of the advice was a little beyond where I was at in my journey to make the jump to a full time freelancer. That is where The Freelance Podcast jumps in and tries to bridge the gap. I have talked with a lot of people that are in the position I was before I made the leap, working a full time job and freelancing on the side. The target audience for this podcast is those who are looking for advice and motivation to finally quit their job and focus 100% on what they love to do and why they freelance in the first place. I have been in your shoes and know the inspiration that a good podcast can have. This is not meant to be the best podcast for all freelancers, but instead is meant to be the best for those just getting started by giving real world advice and information that can be acted on immediately. Not advice that only works if you have a huge network of people or huge email list.

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    039: Freelance Q&A - 2

    Freelance Q&A takes listener questions and I spend the whole episode answering them.

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    038: Freelance Q&A - 1

    Freelance Q&A takes listener questions and I spend the whole episode answering them.

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    037: My third year as a full-time freelancer

    This is my 3rd annual review of what my year as a full-time freelancer was like. I go into my most successful year, tell you the exact amount of dollars I made, and go into why this was a super challenging year for me.

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    036: Freelance Q&A on pricing, clients with larger budgets, and where I get my designs

    I sent out a newsletter recently asking for questions that I could help other freelancers with. I got some really good questions and in this episode I go through and answer them all. We talk about pricing, getting pst the struggle of clients who don't want to pay what you charge, and what is my intake process like for new clients.

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    035: Back to basics

    Sometimes you need to make sure you are taking all the noise coming your way and send it through your own personal filter. Never forget why you do what you do, and don't be afraid to stop other stuff so you can keep your foundation as a freelancer strong.

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    034: Quick Proposals

    Freelancers shouldn't over think giving numbers and timeframes. In this episode I go over what your thought process should be in order to get the people who want to work with you the information they need.

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    033: Stagnating

    Like the great white shark in the ocean, if a freelancer stops moving forward they die.

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    032: Christopher Hawkins - Client Conflict

    I had a chance to talk with fellow freelancer Christopher Hawkins this week. We talked about Christopher's new course on how to understand and handle client conflict for freelancers.

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    031: Perception

    Perception is such a powerful thing, and perception on your end as well as your clients will dictate how your relationship and projects go.

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    028: Check your ego

    I'll keep this short. You aren't always right about everything and instead of being a jerk about use it as an opportunity to educate your clients.

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    027: Scheduling

    Scheduling can be really tough to get good at as a freelancer, and the last situation you want to find yourself in is one where you are buried in projects and missing deadlines. In this episode of The Freelance Podcast I go over how I think about scheduling projects and also give a framework for new freelancers to use so they don't overbook themselves.

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    026: Side Project

    As a full-time freelancer that works from home it can be super hard to turn off work most times. I have found that side projects and hobbies allow me to recharge and come back to my work refreshed.

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    025: Nathan Allotey - Pricing

    I had a chance to talk with fellow freelancer Nathan Allotey this week. We talked about what his path to freelancing was like and we also dove into talking about different pricing strategies.

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    023: Stop Romanticizing the hustle

    The word HUSTLE has become both a great movement and a dangerous way to live your life. It can be so detrimental to the way you work when you compare yourself to others who you think are super successful and use hustle as an excuse why you are not there, or what you need to get there. Consistency is much more important and it is crucial you are honest with yourself and know what you want out of life and what you are capable of doing to get yourself there.

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    022: The Mess of Project Management

    I have never been able to find a project management app that does exactly what I need it to. So like any normal person I decided to build my own, and I am calling it Hector.

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    020: Avoiding scam project bids

    Over the weekend I had an email exchange with a scam artist wanting me to do some work. I read you the entire email thread and give my thought process on why I said what I said.

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    019: Fighting Burnout and Understanding Capacity

    We all face burnout as freelancers and not all of us have learned how to deal with it properly. In this episode I go over how to handle burnout and also explain the concept of capacity and how to be aware of it when making decisions about freelancing.

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    018: Be Careful About Offering Extra Services

    I talk about how to avoid the pitfalls of offering complimentary services. Even though it seems like a good idea to make some extra money it is most of the time going to come back and bite you in the butt.

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    017: Why Your Daily Routine Is Important

    I talk about the importance of a freelancers daily routine. I give you a run down of what my days look like and examples on how to prime yourself to be the most productive.

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    014: Tools - Season 1 Finale

    I talk about the tools that I use and conclude the first season of The Freelance Podcast.

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    010: Patience

    I am sick, but wanted to get some quick thoughts out about patience.

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    009: 2015 Goals

    In this episode I talk about my goals for 2015 and answer a listener question.

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    008: Continuing Education

    In this episode I talk about the importance and power that being a constant learner and always improving your skill set has for a freelancer.

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    007: Interview with Kyle Johnson

    In this episode I interview Kyle Johnson who is right in the middle of making the jump into full-tim freelancing.

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    006: Recounting my first year as a full-time freelancer

    In this episode I tell the story of my first year as a full-time freelancer. I talk about my reasons for making the jump, the support I had, the challenges, and I even tell you how much money I made.

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    005: Finding Your Niche

    In this episode we talk about what is a niche, the benefits of working in one, and how to define it.

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    003: Interview with Kayli Barth

    In this episode we interview freelancer Kayli Barth, a freelance marketer and creator of The Freelance Hustle.

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    002: Build Your Portfolio

    In this episode we talk about the importance of building your portfolio, a common excuse that stops freelancers from getting started, and we give 3 ways to both create/find work for your portfolio and get it published online.

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    001: The Dream

    In this inaugural episode RJ discusses the dream and potential that freelancing can bring as well as tells his story of becoming a full time freelancer.

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    000: About The Freelance Podcast

    This episode is an introduction to The Freelance Podcast. We answer the questions of who we are and what we're all about. Welcome to The Freelance Podcast.

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